We believe that ‘sustainable lighting’ can only be designed with a combination of studies on natural and artificial lighting.

We work with architects or building owners from the early design stages of the buildings to improve their daylight performance. We offer lighting-related services from urban scale to a single room-scale, as seen below.

Daylight Studies

— Shadow & Orientation studies for buildings (site scale).
— Daylighting analysis & design (building and room scale).
— Building facade design & materials consultancy.
— LEED & BREEAM Daylight Credit documentation.
— Interior darkness calculations.
— Lighting design consultancy for ‘Green Buildings.’

Architectural Lighting Design Services

— Lighting design concept studies.
— Full-scope lighting project studies.
— Technical Specifications and Tender Documents.
— LEED & BREEAM Lighting Credit documentation.
— Procurement Consultancy.
— Construction Controls.
— Operations & Maintenance Guides.
— Energy and Cost Optimization studies.